Pizza Review
Pizza tastes like it probably costed them 14 cents to make. The amount of passion for their food that not only the pizza places have near me, but any place that sells food around here, is just sad. If the place can save a nickel on their already pre-made dough, by going to a cheaper grade of frozen dough product, they would rather save that nickel. The sad thing is, everyone around here is used to it. They think this is good food. It’s fuckin wild. I can make 10 times better pizza than this place and I have made maybe 30 pizzas in my life. I love pizza. I have devoted a lot of time researching dough and I can’t believe a place that sells pizza, not just here, everywhere around here, just thinks what they’re doing is good enough. The phone is going off the hook though, I just don’t get it. The dough on this pizza I just ate, no lie, is just like the Chef Boyardee kits. The sauce is so acidic I think you could use it as varnish stripper. Probably actually works better as a solvent than it does a sauce. The cheese has the weirdest texture, definitely not real cheese. I fuckin hate the food where I live. It’s pretty bad when you ask your wife where she’d like to go eat shitty food tonight? Instead of being excited to eat something good, like it should be when you go out to eat... fuck you Fox’s, your pizza is garbage. Try harder.