Pizza Review
A tried to take a lil walk down memory lane coming here... My grandmother used to take me here when I was a little boy. I got all excited when I asked the guy working here how long they’ve been in business and he said “my dads owned it for 27 years” ~ I was like “awesome! I used to come here when I was like 7, 8, 9 years old” Then I walked out of the place with my slice and realized ~ oh wait, I’m friggin old ~ 27 years ago I was 17 ~ different owner ~ oy vey. Lol. Guess I’m senile too. Ay oh. Anyhoo ~ decent slice but something up with the sauce. Salty? Didn’t hate it, but never tasted that before in my life. Football slice for sure. It was still nice to be in the place. Looked different.... I guess 35 years will do that..