Pizza Review
The only reason I went here, is because it is about a hundred yards down the road from bocce club, and I placed an order for pickup and it was going to be 45 minutes. I turned the corner and sure enough there's Franco's with a giant neon sign in their window that says slices, so I thought I might as well as it seems like fate lol ! Franco's is my first run-in with buffalo style pizza, and I actually liked it more than I expected to. I wasn't sure how I would take to buffalo style as it's not as crispy as I like, and quite a bit doughier than your normal slice of pie. With that said the slice I got from Franco's was literally hot out of the oven, and while quite messy, it was still very good! Excellent flavor all around, and even though it was a little greasier than normal, it was good nonetheless. Especially considering a $5 slice will fill up the majority of people!