Pizza Review
I believe this review covers all of the Franco’s locations. I really enjoyed their other locations as they have one of the better deep dish pizzas. Slices are hearty and hefty. $3.60 for this slice means you won’t be left hungry for lunch. Here’s what to expect from this location (not all pizza places with the same name are equal. See Bocce Club and Nino’s). To start, the guy that said this pizza is like Little Caesar’s needs his head examined. It does have some of the same characters but so much fresher than a deep dish from Little Caesar’s. With that said, the cheese is plentiful and fresh. The sauce was well balanced in flavor and distribution. The dough, incredibly fresh with a great crispness in the crust. However, the bottom was a little soft for my taste. Yes, you can have a crispy bottom deep dish (Good Guys in Wheatfield). Overall, this is really good pizza for a great price.