Pizza Review
This is Pepe's best pie. Why? Well it takes the Tomato Pie and adds basil and fresh mozzarella on top of the pecorino and naturally sweet tomatoes and oregano. I'm a flavor above every else guy. I know other people are crispiness/crunchiness above all guy, that's just one good factor to a pie for me. I just like it well done, a bit of char, and crispy enough to hold up. Sauce you a get medium chunky/pasty umami and naturally sweet sauce. One of the best I've had. I believe it's a Stanislas 7/11 and Crushed Tomatoes mix they Mill themselves. One of the best. I'm a fan of simmered sauces on pies too. But you don't need a seasoned or simmered sauce if you pick the right tomatoes. And Pepe's does here. Fresh mozzarella was good. Just wish there was a bit more, though the pecorino is perfect with it. It's a margherita though, you can't dock any big points for that. Pepe's doesn't make my top crust. But it fits perfect to their pies and is necessary. I do like light and air crusts the best. But I do like the small end crust. But this is a great pie. I think the only ones that will surpass it are the world class ones you can find in NYC from the oldest pizzerias, Di Fara's, or the "nice" pizza in Italy, and big cities around the world.