Pizza Review
Best pizza in the area, other than Johnny's in Mt Vernon. Not as good as the original New Haven location, but much better than anywhere else on Central Avenue. After being disappointed a couple weeks ago with a new spot in Hartsdale, I had to get my Pepe's fix, and it never disappoints. Got a small white clam pie too. Can't beat coal-fired pizza. I'd highly recommend eating the pizza straight out of the oven when they open up, but since dining in isn't available now, taking it home is the next best option. Treat yourself to a slice in the car to get the best experience before it starts cooling off. The tomato sauce is fantastic - only better tomato sauce I've had was Sally's in New Haven. It's worth the drive if you're far away. The roasted red peppers are a great topping, and if it's in season during the summer, try the fresh tomato pie.