Pizza Review
Been here a couple of times and Pepe’s has never done me wrong, but this location pales in comparison to the New Haven location. I’ve ordered the Tomato Pie, the Tomato Pie w/ Mozzarella, and the Fresh Tomato Pie (pictured). The Fresh Tomato Pie was very underwhelming: cheese was good, but no tomato sauce below it, seasoning on cheese/dough made up for it a bit, but not enough; fresh tomatoes were good, but does not replace the tomato sauce standard in regular pies. The Tomato Pie w/ Mozzarella is the best, so that is what I am basing the score on: cheese good, but seems like maybe sourced differently than other Pepe locations; crust and bottom charred and crispy, but my tongue gets a few cuts every time I eat it so perhaps too much; tomato sauce good