Pizza Review
Even though this pizzeria has only been around since 2001, it still has an old school vibe like it’s been there for over 50 years. This is your prototypical “football pizza.” Thick, doughy, cheesy, perfect for 1 o’clock on a Sunday for NFL kickoff. The dough is firm, not floppy, fairly soft but a little bland, lacking crisp & crunch, particularly in the crust. The cheese is a heavy and creamy shredded mozzarella that outweighs the sauce by far too much. Because the sauce is so scant, the flavor of the cheese overpowers what few crushed tomatoes there are passing for pizza sauce underneath. They could easily use 2 more ladles of sauce to balance the ratio with the cheese. This pie is actually a doppelgänger for Angelo’s Pizza in Bloomfield, NJ. Overall, a decent neighborhood pizza, uneventful with lots of room for improvement.