Pizza Review
Ok Frankie we are at Fratelli Village Pizzeria located in Toronto @ 384 Old Kingston Rd. Scarborough Ontario (pizza review time Apr 9th 5:30pm)...they open at 5pm and this is our second time coming out here (as the the last time It didn’t open on time - but we will not hold that against them) ... we have no preconceived biases... we score them fair and square -> one bite everyone knows the rules —-> here at Fratelli Village Pizzeria! Where their committment is focused on ensuring that the best possible (and practical) safety measures are in place and in practice use at all times. Their commitment is to evolve and adapt practices that respect the protective guidelines as they are published and they are proud to announce that our reaturant will open for inside seating soon enough (in accordance to the guidelines) as they continue with maintaining the designated, minimal (to zero contact) protocol with an area for easy access for pickup orders, just inside their front door. With safety taken care of -> now it’s time for Sharing the best tastes from their Sicilian kitchen and their cultural roots as it’s much more than just a business—> it’s a commitment to evolve and adapt best practices but take heed —> their hours are Thursday - Saturday 5-10PM. Sunday & Wednesday 5-9PM. Monday & Tuesday - Closed so it’s not an easy place to eat from unless you’re local—> but hey that’s all a great place needs right ? —> Fratelli Village Pizzeria is Family Owned and proof dreams come true... the Brothers Salvatore and Matteo Pocchi always dreamed of opening a restaurant after growing up in the cafe business with their father Gaetano. In April 2005, they realized their dream in the form of an authentic Italian made wood burning oven, and created a very warm and inviting casual family dining experience, named FRATELLI Village Pizzeria. Fratelli means “brothers” in Italian, so Matteo runs the kitchen, while Sal manages the dining room and father Gaetano lends an all around helping hand. This family owned and operated philosophy extends to the friendly staff, with a promise for exceptional service and a strong community presence and support. Sal, Matteo, and everyone at Fratelli Village Pizzeria strive to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere in gratitude for their local and visiting patronage. In true Fratelli Style
Sal and Matteo's inspiration originated in the authenticity of those village pizzerias back home, where the pizza arrives warm and direct from the wood burning stone oven, and looks as good as it tastes with selected fresh ingredients and refined over the years from original recipes and it can be tasted in their homemade sweet sauce that has a mild tangy after taste —> the wood oven undercarriage char was absolute perfection-> it did have major flop ... it’s a thin pizza and even after it cooled off and the salty cheese firmed up it still has no integrity...(some would say your blood pressure spikes Frankie when you taste the salty cheese - we wouldn’t - some would - we wouldn’t)... though the undercarriage -> is pizza perfection —-> the doughs not great ... kinda bready vibe and taste and feel and though the pizza looks like a 6.7-6.8.... once you taste it ? You’d agree we need to deduct one point for all of the above mentioned Frankie (1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 -> ) 5.7 (professional score) second time coming here and glad their finally open and seeing their average score on this app is 5.8 that’s eerily a perfect score ... the two reviewers made that score with a 4.2 (too low) and 7.4 (too high) ~> for us ? We can’t be bought ... we can’t be swayed ... and we are as honest as the day is long ... Fratelli Village Pizzeria —-> salty taste but a good pie... we ate the entire thing ... 5.7 that’s a review!