Pizza Review
Theres the chicken texmex on the left and a meats on the right. The Prez would call this "ultimate hockey rink pizza". Not even football pizza. No flop because the crust was as tough and chewy as an Old Navy flipflop. Good amount of cheese. Fair amount of toppings but they all slide off when you pick the slice up hot. Went back a few hours later same result when it was cool. Not wowed by quality or quantity of toppings. Meats were run of the mill tidbits. Veggies appeared to be chopped in house though. Sauce has a little zing to it. Cant determine if crust is poorly handmade or frozen pre-formed ready to order. The crust is neither pilloy soft and fluffy nor is thin and crispy. They played it down the middle with mediocrity and not making anyone happy. Not too greasy but thats likely due to the sponge crust soaking it all up. All in all a bland slice. Tex mex advertised salsa and a few other nacho-like toppings which i dont see. Price was right promotional $18 for an 18"(mind you i think its a scam and its only a 16" since who brings a tape measure to a take out pizza joint) but i wouldnt pay any more for full price. You can get as good quality and definite consisentcy from dominos for about the same price with a coupon every day. I wouldnt expect a pizza epiphony zen moment from going there but if yove got a hankering after deinking at the bar, youre jonesing after a joint, dont feel like cooking on payday; hit em up and be underwhelmed. Im a bit sour i dropped $40 and left a decent tip and they still charged me $2 for a cup of runny donair sauce. Its the maritimes ffs give us a break and toss a couple in complimentary. Good location close proximity to the bar scene top of king street. Theyll likely steal some business from Julius given its about 3 blocks closer. But for the extra $5 give me a hand tossed crust and the entertainment value only out front of Julius can give when a bunch of drunks converge at 3am ona friday/saturday *Youll definatley snake a cab quicker from here though*