Pizza Review
Theres the chicken texmex on the left and a meats on the right. The Prez would call this "ultimate hockey rink pizza". Its not even football pizza. No flop but thats cuz the crust is as tough and chewy as an Old Navy flipflop. Fair amount of toppings but not wowed with quality or quantity. Cant determine if crust is homemade poorly or comes pre-formed and frozen until cooking time. Its neither pillowy soft and fluffy nor is it thin cust and crispy. Playing it down the middle with mediocrity and not making anyone happy. Not too greasy but thats likely because the sponge crust soaked it all up. Price was right $18 for an 18" but i wouldnt pay any more for regular price. You can get as good a quality and consistency from dominos for about the same price on a coupon. I think it was a 16" and charged the extra $2 cuz noone brings a measuring tape to a pizza takeout scam. I wouldnt expect an epiphony of pizza zen from going there but if you've got the hankering after a night of drinking or dont want to cook on payday hit em up and be underwhelmed. Im a bit sour they charged $1.70 for a cup of runny donair sauce. Give the maritimers a break and make it complimentary ffs. Pretty good location in proximity to the bar scene top of king street - theyll probably scoop some business from Julius because its a couple blocks closer. But id pay the extra $5 for a hand tossed crust and entertainment value out front Julius is known for when a bunch of drunks converge on a friday/saturday night at 3am. Youd definately get a cab quicker from here though so keep that in mind.