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When people talk about New York pizza, this is the type of pie they are referring to: classic, traditional, authentic, big NYC slices. If Joe’s is the quintessential pizza of Manhattan, then Front St. is the exemplary Brooklyn pie. Everything about this screams New York pizza from its large size to the type of delicious dough that can only be made with NYC water. Each slice is incredibly filling and extraordinarily tasty. The sauce is the absolute star of this pie. Sweet, tangy, exploding with a tremendous garlic flavor, quite possibly a top 10 pizza sauce I’ve ever had. While the cheese is a little more basic, it’s still a great blend that’s creamy, thick and consistent. There’s a little extra grease oozing from the butter fat in the cheese, but it’s more than tolerable. The crust has a wonderfully flaky crispness to it that is somewhere between soft & crunchy. There’s nothing fancy about this pie except for its location near the Brooklyn Bridge. This is the type of pizza you could eat every day and never get sick of it. A model of consistency, Brooklyn basic at its best in the land of fancy pizzas.

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