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Ok Frankie we are at Gatto Wood Oven Pizza (review time June 21st 7:00pm)... We were down the street yesterday reviewing Bello Pizza and that was so good we might be spoiled forever... unfortunately we were to early for Gatto yesterday and so we had to come back today —> GATTO (pronounced Ga-toh) means Cat in Italian. Located in Toronto’s Bloor West Village neighbourhood, nestled between High Park and Etobicoke, Gatto Wood Oven is a restaurant that brings authentic Italian recipies, and outstanding hospitality to Toronto’s West End restaurant scene. Since opening their doors in 2018, they were thrilled to host their guests coming from the beautiful nearby neibourhoods of Bloor West, Swansea, The Kingsways, Baby Point, and many others. Their menu was designed by an outstanding chef, native of Asiago, a town known for its famous cheese, located in the Province of Vicenza, in the Veneto region of Northeastern Italy. Chef Enrico Dal Sasso has poured his love for food, authentic ingredients, and most importantly for the people that bring all the amazing food, in the dishes served at Gatto! The joy you experience when you are trying their food, is the joy of the farmers, the cheese makers, the beekeepers, who wake up every morning to provide them with the joyous fruits of their labour. Your enjoyment is why they do what they do and the chef wrote this called ——> Untold stories…””””” life time commitments…farmers cutting hay. A father runs to the hospital and hugs his wife….celebrating a new sawyer in the family. I’ve spent my life with older people, learning new “old” stories, listening intently to their mistakes but itching to make my own. Yelling timb-er! was their way of expressing their freedom and their gratitude to the land. At home, the placid, steady day was peppered with small talk from the women of the borough. The hard work and dedication of these “heroes for the land” and their reverence for nature has always inspired me. I admire their contentment in eking out a simple yet serene living, eschewing the greedy, fictitious strivings towards the unnecessary. From the Dolomites to Toronto, I am humbled and honoured to represent the farmers, the cheese makers, the beekeepers, who wake up every morning to provide us with the joyous fruits of their labour. I am one of them. I owe them all the credit.”””” Chef Enrico Dal Sasso 👍 Incredible.... inspiring.... GATTO WOOD OVEN PIZZA... one bite everyone knows the rules —> San Marzano Sauce with a tangy aftertaste... Fior Di Latte Mozzarella and Parmigiano on top and Evoo is on point ... undercarriage has good char ... dough bubbles are on point... it’s a fancy pizza so it did mild have flop but nothing worth complaining about .... ( some would say the cheese was cut way too thick Frankie - We wouldn’t - some would - We wouldn’t)... we are honest as the day is long and we score them 1 to each 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 ~> all wrapped into one ! 7.5 (professional score) Gatto Wood Oven Pizza! In a world where fancy pizza starts at 6.9 but that’s a sexual number so it’s gets either a 6.8 or a 7.1 and in which direction it goes is dictated by quality AND many times a fancy pizza will end up with a 6.6 or 6.7 and that’s a solid score ... so you can see that this was an above average fancy pizza ... we couldn’t stop eating it ... we will be back ... 7.5 .... bonus review we ordered a spicy baked shrimp 🍤... it was as awesome... we will go 9.1 on the shrimp and 7.5 on pie... that’s a review!
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