Pizza Review
In all do respect to the prez.... ANYONE that went over a 6 should be permanently banned from this app and barstool. 1. If you get it right out of the oven, everythingggggg falls right off the crust. So you have to wait roughly 30-45 minutes for the pizza to cool so the cheese hardens up and then you can eat it how you ordered. 2. The crust has 0.0 crunch. 3. The cost of one large pizza is down right absurd. 40 dollars for a large pizza. Did I miss the gold stuffing? 4. Did I mention you must wait 45 minutes for the pizza to become kind of cold so you can eat it normally? 3.5 that’s the score. That’s the real score. Got mediterranean man giving it a 7.9 when every dang topping was off the pizza and it was floppy crust and pizza sauce.