Pizza Review
Gas station pizza... Excuse the photo, I do my best taking a quality photo of uneaten pizza. The focus should be on the pizza, not the surroundings. With that said, some of the pics I’ve seen on here are bad. We don’t want to see your half eaten crust... I usually avoid rating gas station pizza as we can pretty much expect what it’ll be like. This place exceeded my expectations. It’s a thick, heavy slice. The dough was pretty good, no crispness on the bottom but it wasn’t soggy either. The cheese and pepperoni are good and it’s your standard shredded cheese and sliced pepperoni. The sauce is fresh but uninspired. It’s literally tomato paste with very little or no seasoning. Overall, this was a good slice and it did change my mind on gas station pizza. With a little improvement to the sauce and a thinner crust, this pizza could hit low 7’s! I said it! For now, it’s a 6.6