Pizza Review
Trenton tomato pie joints, particularly the ones with the highest pedigree, are horrendously overrated. They all stink. By some miracle, maybe this won’t stink. Shocking. Sauce is outright special. A bit too much cheese so a slightly undesirable ratio for tomato pie that ideally minimizes cheese a bit. Does not however hurt the experience. Great overall execution. Taste of cheese and dough average. Into the eights were the other ingredients spectacular. Overall taste is well above average with this slightly sweet sauce. Sandy Koufax, gods gift to pitching and known pizza connoisseur once said, “Nuance is what makes some pitchers special. It’s the ability to use both sides of the plate, change the batters eye level and do the unexpected that gets batters back in the dugout.” This pie, my friends, has that nuance, and like Sandy’s often unexpected next pitch, this pizza joint is an unexpected gem.