Pizza Review
Opened in 2013 but the owners’ experience in the restaurant business dates back to 1977. They call this “thin crust wood-fired artisan” pizza but it’s a bit thicker, like a football pizza with extra char. The pies are cooked in a wood-burning Mugaini oven imported from Italy with temperatures as high as 1,000°. The dough is made from natural double-zero Caputo flour imported from Campania, Italy and aged for a minimum of 48 hours during the fermentation process. This effort helps create an airy baked dough with a beautifully blackened undercarriage & marvelously smokey char. However, because wood oven pies are cooked at such high temperatures for rather short timeframes, the end result is tremendous char but a super soft texture. Lacking firmness with slight flop & minimal crisp, the dough is disappointingly soft to go along with a borderline burnt & crunchless crust. So much effort goes into making this dough but those efforts appear to be wasted on a tasty but crispless consistency. Fortunately, the other components of the pie are outstanding, particularly the deliciously creamy & light shredded mozzarella blend. With a melty & slick consistency, the cheese yields an oozy & gooey lava-like flow to go along with fantastic flavor. Not to be outdone is the sensationally sweet sauce, bursting with robust flavor from the certified DOP San Marzano tomatoes grown near Mount Vesuvius in Italy. More saccharine than savory, the delectable & scintillating sauce blend has a smidge of zest & zing with simple seasoning that lets the sweetness carry the pie. The sauce & cheese are both travel-worthy aspects of this pizza; unfortunately, the severe lack of crisp in the sadly soft dough holds this pie back from scoring in the 8s. If you’re looking for a crunchier texture, refrigerate a whole pie overnight, then reheat in a 400-degree oven for 7-10 minutes the next day to give this pizza the crisp it deserves. As it stands, this is a very tasty well-done pie that’s a little too charred in some areas, lacking crisp & crunch but saved by exceptional sauce & cheese.