Pizza Review
Meh, didn't realize you had to take a photo to leave a review. Lesson learned. Well, as you can see I'm currently being wheeled into the local hospital because I have heart disease from all the grease on this slice. This was a classic cheese slice, I know you might taken back a little, you probably thought there were 1,000 pepperonis on this bad boy based on the leftover grease. Enough bullshitting about the grease. Let's get down to brass tax... good crunch on the crust. I thoroughly enjoyed the crust. I'd go in and order another slice cut the pizza off throw it in the trash and eat the crust. For as greasy as it was it surprisingly wasn't overly floppy. As far as the taste, the sauce was just there, not going to blow your doors off. Whatever. Take it or leave it. The guy working the counter was really nice.