Pizza Review
Ordered multiple pies (ab 9) and every single one lacked consistency. One pie was too cheesey, the next too much sauce, one was softer, one fell apart when I picked it up, etc. The only consistency across all pies was the bent crust due to poor pizza sizing and box placement. The pizzas didn't even look alike. What a joke. The slices were floppy as shit, and as stated before the bottom crust litterally fell apart as I held it. Don't even get me started on the grease, or the poorly cut slices that results in extreme cheese loss. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. Should've known better, considering it's in the degenerate shithole capital of the World. If I lived right next to this place, or had to drive over a road made of babies and small kittens to get litterally any other fucking pizza in the world, then get the graves ready because I'm going 90, meow meow motherfuckers. In fact, I just looked over at the boxes and my entire room is filling with grease as we speak. But luckily I have the fucking plastic pizza table to float on. Any pizza with that thing is a joke. But can you even call this pizza? Considering 90% of it was the fucking crust. Absolutely a fucking joke. I'd rather cut off my scrotom with a rusty pair of scissors than eat this pathetic excuse for a quality NY style cuisine. I would tell you to avoid it, but if you're in AC you're probably a miserable hopeless methhead far beyond any reasonable cognitive capacity to even enjoy good pizza, so you might as well eat it because it has to go somewhere.