Pizza Review
This is my 3rd Giordano’s location that I’ve reviewed. Despite what the “sauced” bros did and blanketed all locations with the same review, I’d like to say I have very different experiences at every location, so they deserve a review each. I was hungover today. Getting pizza for lunch on Sunday’s in the city can be limited sometimes. Giordano’s is always open and a go-to. I went with the thin half pepperoni and chicken sausage and half cheese. This the most cheese I’ve received on a Giordano’s thin ever. It reminded me of Beggars. You can see on the right side where it was melted but not caramelized. I didn’t mind this, but the inconsistencies across locations is pretty obvious. There was a lot of their savory sauce, which made it messy, but I put down about half of this beast and took a nap immediately after. Try the chicken sausage sometime; it had just a slightly less salty flavor but maintained the Italian seasoning and moisture. The crust was a little dry for me even though it was cooked well and not burnt. The crust is white flower based. Overall, no major complaints. Can’t go wrong with Giordano’s thin or their famous stuffed.