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Pizza Review
Ok so to start off with the owner, the owner has an authentic vibe to him. He was friendly and had an accent. Couldn’t tell if he was from New York for sure but he had an accent. I didn’t bother asking him where he was from because that would be weird. If I had to rate the guy, I’d give him an 8.9. But this review isn’t about the owner, it’s about the pizza. I came here for business and this business is pizza and that’s just what I did. Ok so the crust. The crust at the end of the pie is very minimal. On the bottom it was soggy. At the ends, it was crispy and a little airy. It had a charred and burnt flavor to it and there was no residual flour. Overall, the crust is maybe below average. He’s going in the right direction though. The cheese to sauce ratio is ridiculously heavy cheese. I even had a huge glob of cheese with absolutely no sauce that took up the real estate on a portion of my pie. The cheese though, I must say is slightly above average. It had an ok flavor to it. The sauce is hard to rate because I barely tasted it. I’ll just say it was whatever because it was too minimal and it tasted ok from the little I tasted. Overall, this pizza isn’t very good. It can be hard to say that sometimes if the owner is a nice guy, but this is nothing personal, this is strictly business. Would I recommend coming here? Maybe. Only to meet the owner and get something else on the menu. I wouldn’t come for the pizza. The south has to seriously step their game up. Please, someone impress me.