Pizza Review
This might have been the most beautiful dining experience I've ever had, as they sat us at a table that had a unobstructed  view of the lake as well as the waterfall directly beside the Inn.  To say it was impressive was an understatement!   I went with something very different here, as Giuseppes actually gives out free small slices of cheese pizza at their takeout counter, which is located directly beside the entrance of their sit down restaurant.  I got their Quattro Stagioni, which has a pesto base and has 4 different sections of toppings.  Very cool concept and something I hadn't seen before, as it's more work that most places want to subject themselves to! LOL! The pizza had a good amount of chew to it and nice crunch to boot.  The score is for their plain cheese slice, but I would give their Prosciutto and Pepperoncini a 8.2 all day, as the flavor was unreal!