Pizza Review
Pizza Review This fuckin’ pizza app got me eatin’ shitty pizza just to do a review. ™️ First things first, this pizza is nowhere near an 8.5, it just isn’t. I saw some reviews on Yelp from Chicagoland folks trying to say it was some of the best in the area... 🧐. I mean I guess I’m confused, especially since folks on here post a score and don’t even elaborate on how they came to that decision. This is listed on their menu as Chicago style pizza but why is that? It’s thicker than what I consider thin crust and not even tavern cut like most Chicago style pizza. Crust: SUPER doughy and thicker than I expected. Flavor wise the dough was okay but just didn’t really have any crust or overall flavor. Sauce: This sauce is pretty basic. Didn’t really have herb and spice flavor to it. The pie had much more sauce than needed as you can see in the pic. Cheese: Cheese was good but slid off of almost every piece you picked up. Very oily. This pizza is half cheese and half pepperoni. And yes, there’s a difference between grease from pepperoni and oil from the properties of the cheese breaking down too fast during the heating process. All in all the pizza is not bad. Rating this in the 8’s is just crazy but to each their own. My score isn’t necessarily based on my specific preferences as much as it is a general understanding of common ingredients and the overall proper construction of those items into a pizza. Unfortunately when you’re comparing pies this just doesn’t make the 8’s for me. I give it a 6.7 based on more than just the pizza I guess because the setting is quaint and nice. Service was sub-par for me anyways. Otherwise this is closer to a 6.2.