Pizza Review
Yep, it got THREE “very’s” from me and the beer list is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ as well. . . 🍕. . . this place has 81 different like pizza varieties to mix and mingle with. I decided on my go to but with a twist for this review. The traditional thin pie, half pep~~~but with the “Dirty” crust. See. 👀 See in the picture the crust? Well it’s great. Ask the ants too, they loved it.🐜 The Dirty, it’s like a crispy butter crust with seeds (not seasoning as it’s described) and the garlic, sesame seedy, poppy seed thingy really works. I’m sure basic crust is really good as well. I will drive outta my way to enjoy this neat little neighborhood joint; grab some hard to find Craft Beer too~🍺~ and ask for Katie as a server! She was great! We liked her a lot!! Highest score yet in all my reviews. Too bad I’m a half hour away. Or wait, probably a good thing I am and can’t get here everyday. 🤔😳😉(my waistline would be a lot worse than it is now)…❗️🍕❗️🐜❗️