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*Updated review* A new spot opened up around the corner from me and it replaced what was formerly Chicco’s Pizza...which was just an average slice. Goombah’s is the new name and I was able to confirm new ownership as well. The menu looked great... the “plain cheese slice” I ordered via delivery was just not very good. It was soggy, very little sauce, and let’s just assume the cardboard box killed this one’s chances. What I CAN say is.... if you’re ordering, TRUST ME and go with their Brooklyn or Grandma pie. This thin, square pizza was incredible and will be my go-to in most cases. It’s not cheap...but it will feed a village and the fresh ingredients and crunchy slices are a home run. For research purposes... I’ll be scoring the Brooklyn because I can’t suggest getting a plain slice when there’s a far better option here. So, just keep in mind... the Brooklyn pie is why the score is so high. *Update - finally got a picture of the Grandma pie and if you’re gonna try this spot... this pie/slice is the only way to go.

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