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OK quarantine pizza review time here in Matawan New Jersey at grana Pizza Café, formally the home of Ciro’s Made famous in Staten Island over in Huguenot . A little backstory Ciros has ties to Joe and Pat’s of Staten Island which is probably top 10 pizza in the entire country. This place although the name is different and has some similar styles to that type of pizza. Ultra thin crust, tangy sauce, globs of Cheese scattered about the pizza and usually cooked well done. So I have to say I was quite impressed but I will say definitely not on the level of Ciros or a Joe and Pat‘s. She’s had an amazing flavor, I love the thin crust but this particular slice was a tad bit undercooked towards the middle. The sauce was definitely tangy but a little tart. But overall a real good slice. It’s almost like this Guy may have worked for Ciro’s or Joe and Pat‘s and try to mimic what made them famous. Either way I’m pretty impressed. They earned a little brownie points when I walked in and ordered only a regular slice and the pizza maker said just throw another one in for him so two for the price of one can’t beat that. I’m going 7.6 on the review. If they were to crunched up the middle of the dough a little more I definitely would’ve rated higher. That’s the review

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