Pizza Review
In the spirit of Dave’a intent to rate the pie, I chose a plain cheese because it’s the basis for any good pie. I remember going to Grand Apizza in New Haven, CT when I was younger and was expecting a great slice. What I got is a what you see, a nice pie, but nothing more. Good, but not great. For the area, slightly disappointing. The crust was doughy and soft, and the sauce was lacking flavor, mostly tomato taste. Cheese was OK, but I felt the need to put some grated parmesan cheese, which made me laugh a bit because Dave canned a pie for the shop putting some on his pie once. I also considered and added some table salt to one slice and that seemed to help a bit. Again, a good pie but I wouldn’t travel very far to get it. In fact, I travelled over 45 minutes to get here, and that won’t happen again.