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I know what you guys are thinking, you're not reviewing their standard cheese pizza, so is this even a fair review? Granfanallys is known for their garlic knot Pizza and according to the owner it is by far their best seller, so I figured it was what I had to review! I went here with my old man, who grew up in Jersey right outside of New York City and is VERY tough critic! The pizza itself tasted almost as good as it looks in the picture! The dough was your typical football style, which makes sense because Granfanallys has a sports bar setting with several TVs on the wall, which were all showing the Patriots game while we were there! Good crunch on the dough and The garlic knot crust was the highlight! Very unique as I've only had something like this one other time. They definitely don't hold back on the cheese, which I like to see these days since a lot of places do to cut costs! Sauce was adequate but didn't stand out in anyway. They also have a sicilian that I saw the table next to us get that looked incredible as well! I've taken my dad to the majority of famous spots in downtown Boston (santarpios, Regina, Umberto), and he said this was better than all of them!

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