Pizza Review
Serving thin crust pizza to the Bergen county area for over 75 years, Grant Street Cafe has some of the largest and best bar pies around. The homemade dough is a tad thicker than I expected, by bar pie standards, not even close to football pizza thickness. I was shocked at how doughy and soft the middle of the pie was; I thought it was going to be firm with cracker-like crunch. Despite the softness of the majority of the dough, it’s still incredibly tasty with a crust that’s out of this word. Deliciously charred, exquisitely crispy and outrageously crunchy, the crust isn’t just on-point; it’s perfection. The cheese is fairly tight but just melty enough, not as rigid as most bar pies. Very tasty as well, the cheese isn’t plastered to the dough; it has more of an oozy flow than typical bar pie cheese blends. Slightly subdued, the sauce has a hidden sweet and tangy flavor. Not as much spice and kick but plenty flavorful, this is the kind of sauce you find on very good pizza; I wouldn’t mind a smidge more to bring the flavor to the forefront. This is top-of-the-line thin crust bar pie in both taste and texture of the crust. The overall flavor not only meets the standards of all really good bar pies, it exceeds them. The soft texture of the dough is the only area that needs improvement; but the deliciousness of the pie rises above that little drawback. Along with the fantastic flavor, the elite crust makes this travel-worthy pizza. Crispier dough would elevate this score into the high 8s, maybe even push the 9s; but as it stands, this falls into the “must-try” bar pie category.