Pizza Review
If you like well-done pizza, then this spot is right up your alley. We’re talking off the charts crispy with tremendous char & crunch in each bite. Every slice is firm, no flop, no nonsense. The only soft part of the pie is the brilliant blend of shredded cheese with creamy spots of fresh mozzarella capped off by sprinkles of grated Parmesan cheese or pecorino Romano, exploding with cheesy flavor. The slight drawback of all that cheese is a little too much grease that intrudes upon the potency of the sauce. Maybe it’s being overwhelmed by the other outstanding attributes of this pie but the sauce is somewhat lacking. It needs more thickness & pizzazz to keep up with the rest of the deliciousness of the overall pizza. Thicken up the sauce, provide a little punch and this pie has 9s potential. Still really good pizza as is, definitely worth checking out if you’re in a one hour radius.