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Pizza Review
Alright Frankie we are at Gusto Pizzeria (review time Jan 9th 3pm)... this is our second review for the day but it’s our first time getting a pie——> we have been meaning to try Gusto Pizzeria for a little while now and seeing how RIC’s pizza down the road just let us down so bad Frankie—-> we had to come directly here in order to get something to eat —-> and I would hate for this review to be biased right now because we are so extremely hungry —-> and still so upset from how we were treated at RIC’s Pizzeria-> that we might just be giving Gusto a higher score than they would actually deserve BUT —-> when you see the salt of the earth ladies that are in there running the place ——> one is running the front counter —-> the other one is needing the dough—-> it’s all fresh ingredients—> it’s one of the best pizzas joints in Brampton —-> it’s just up the road from the that disgraceful RIC’s Pizza —> Gusto Pizza serves authentic Italian pizza with all fresh ingredients and tre-stelle cheese -> Plus they have a variety of Italian dishes that you can choose from and they also offer catering during this Covid time which is an amazing offer for any time not to mention that they are really well reviewed and one of the most popular places -> so we had to come down here and give it a try-> one bite everyone knows the rules ——> bit of a sweet sauce -> not too much tang —-> but also not a lot of sauce —> the cheese count tipped the scale when compared to the sauce —> the pie was mainly made up of cheese and dough —-> but may we add—-> it is very tasty —> And we didn’t stop eating until the whole pie was finished -> so it was either that good? or we were that hungry-> but if it was not a great place? we would not have finished the pie and we would have gone on to the next place —-> so in that light—-> I would like to give props to Gusto’s Pizza even though the actual slice did have some flop and there was no difference from the undercarriage to the crust !! It had zero crisp and the crust was the same consistency as the undercarriage —-> that is usually how we judge those frozen style pizzas ——> and it was quite disheartening for that to be the case? We can only hope that it was undercooked —> all the ingredients were there Frankie! They just needed to add a little bit more sauce and leave it in the oven a little bit longer and they could’ve had a score in the 8s (some would call it cheesy bread pizza Frankie - I wouldn’t - some would - I wouldn’t)...There was a dough ball in the middle of the pizza Frankie —> and We’re not sure if they just put that there so that the top of the box wouldn’t touch the pizza—> instead of putting one of those plastic little chairs in the pizza like the other cheaper pizza places often do—-> so we commend the fact that they put the dough ball there to keep the lid from touching the pizza but it would be better if they made it into something that was tasty (as you eat it and its not just plain dough) because it is an ingredient on the pizza and it should be fully edible—> and the dough ball that was in there was not put there to be fully edible and it kind of reminds me when they put a tomato in the middle of the pizza ? Especially when the tomato is different than the sauce that they used on the pie ... so that when you eat the tomato you can taste the difference between the tomato in the sauce and tomato in the pie —> (just like 8 mile Detroit style pizza that we tried downtown Toronto on Charles Street) and we don’t like when unnatural ingredients are added to a pie like that at the last second either—-> I’m not sure if we like the dough ball or not ? As when we tried to eat it ? (and we are going to eat at Frankie if you put it on the pie? We are going to eat it and) it was hard to eat Frankie —-> and we thought it took away from the taste ——> one bite everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 -> all things taken into consideration 7.1 (professional score) Gusto Pizza —> this is a good football pizza—> the other score on here —> at a 7.0 is an unprofessional review because it’s a round number—> but it is right in the exact ballpark that we would’ve chosen and we completely agree with that review—-> it was spot on —-> but -> because—> it’s one bite !!! we are going to give it a 7.1—> Gusto Pizzeria 👌... We will be back ... this place definitely lives up to its reputation!! —-> that’s a review!