Pizza Review
OK. Not much to say here. Usually I can go on and on and get elaborate but to be quite honest the slice was very pedestrian. Considering it’s been around for quite a while, I think the late 60s I was really unimpressed. I mean it’s edible. No flop on the slice which is surprising considering that there was no bite or crispiness to the crust. A little too Doughy... no char on the bottom or at the end of the crust what’s so ever. All in all the slice was kind of chewy because of it. I need to hear a snap when I bite into my slice. Cheese was pretty good,nice taste to it. I was also kind of on impressed with the sauce. There was not enough of it and what was there was overwhelmed with oregano. Now I like my herbs and spices but I’d like a nice complete mix and that’s not what I had out of that slice. Would I go there again, maybe, if I’m strolling past and in the mood for a slice of pizza but I am most certainly not going to seek it out.

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