Pizza Review
Pizza review time Fort Lauderdale. I've been wanting to see what the famous guy Dave ( from barstool pizza reviews) likes with his 8.1 rating here? Was a pretty costly adventure for me at 18 dollars for this small bar pie. They don't sell slices. 1. As seen in the photo, major flop.( fine for me, no deductions) 2. The sauce had a qulity taste with a bit of sweetness. I think there was some kind of parmesan cheese on it, which I'm not sure helps add to the taste buds! 3.The undercarriage picture is perfect, even though it flopped. 4. It may equal about 3 regular size slices, which for me I still would walk away hungry. (Their sister restaurant is Pizza Time, in Coral Sptings and Boca). 5. Location is directly behind the last surviving Sears in the entire area. 6. My rating 7.4