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Pizza Review
Founded in 2010 by a family from Oklahoma, mother Terri Berkholder & her 2 daughters Summer Stanley & Jessica De La Cruz, this joint has a fair amount of hype surrounding it among the OneBite community, with some substantially sizable scores. A few odd policies: they accept only cash or Venmo as payment and you can dine-in but if you’re picking up, it’s curbside only. I guess the place is somewhat small & they don’t want crowds huddling around inside waiting for their orders. All of their tomato pies are 18” & cut into faux New Haven style slices instead of triangles or squares. The dough is extremely unique, razor thin & modestly crispy; the texture is rather strange, more like a dessert dough than pizza. Moderately tasty, there’s not as much crunch as I expected. The crust is decently charred with a cracker-like taste, but shockingly missing crisp. Also unique-looking, there appears to be multiple levels of cheese. A thin shredded mozzarella layer hugs the dough tightly while a creamier & melty number of mozz droplets are sprinkled atop the surface. A truly bizarre amalgamation, the cheese is a balance between tight texture & creamy consistency. In typical tomato pie fashion, the sauce consists of splotchy hand-crushed tomatoes strewn about the surface of the pizza. Not too chunky & surprisingly not super sweet, the sauce has a deep red color with mild tang & zest but the flavor is mostly dominated by the overpowering chopped fresh garlic. They ought to change the name of this place to Holy Garlic! This pie could keep vampires away for miles! I love garlic in moderation, shaved or minced for some added flavor but this is just an obnoxious amount & way too heavy for me. Overall, every ingredient is as unique as the decor inside, fresh & tasty, just a little too unbalanced. A tad more crisp & a lot less garlic would launch this pie into the 8s. As it stands, this is still very good pizza but not quite travel-worthy given its few flaws. I think there’s real potential here, especially among their specialty pies, as long as they don’t bury the flavors with garlic.