Pizza Review
I know a lot of people love Home Run Inn. It's a Chicago staple in the pizza community, and perhaps they are even more well-known for their frozen pizzas in most major grocery chains. Admittedly, I've had my fair share of frozen pizzas from Home Run Inn, and it's probably up there for one of the best. I ordered a thin crust pepperoni pizza with high expectations, and although falling a little short, this is still a solid spot for pizza. I think the execution here is pretty flawless. The crust was uniformly cooked with the same crunchy consistency across the entire pizza. The sauce was more savory than sweet and had good distribution. The cheese was cooked well and just about average in amount, topped with a generous covering of pepperoni. Although good flavor, I didn't find it particularly filling so I ended up eating almost half of it myself. There is nothing wrong with that, but the price to satisfying my hunger ratio is a little high. I think you're more or less paying for the name here. All in all, it's worth checking off the list of Chicago pizza staples.