Pizza Review
I got 2 slices...🍕🍕. One when I walked in, sitting on the counter, looked about 54 minutes old. Then right before I was about to leave a nice, fresh, hot, beautiful looking slice pie makes its way onto the counter. So I figure I gotta commit now. I try the “burn your face off” slice. Well, it’s the first one that got this joint the 7.8 rating (actually it’s a 7.75380). The second slice should have tasted better but didn’t. It was messy, it didn’t seem to want to settle. It was restless and it showed. So I chewed it down, burnt the roof of my mouth a bit there, too. Just goes to show you it’s really about the timing, and the “who made it factor” and the right place at the right time that makes a pizza slice either just alright, good, (Dave’s “it’s very good slice”🙄) great, outstanding, exceptional or truly exceptional tasting. Pizza is a fickle thing. Sometimes there’s a trick to it and sometimes it’s just pure luck. A factor that only the best pizza makers can deal with on a consistent basis. The second slice, maybe a 7.0 or 7.1. (sauce alone saved these pieces from being a high 6’er) Messed up, I know; but you CAN have a pie from the same place within an hour and have some disparity in the ratings. Crazy shit, but true pizza people totally get it. So maybe not so crazy. Ah, who knows. . . 🤪 Best part about Home Slice at Walden is Jordan. Extremely polite and conscious counter person/server who takes pride in what he is doing. Don’t even know him but I know I like him🍕