Pizza Review
Since moving to Florida two years ago and eating poor to average pizza constantly I thought I would never find pizza that would make my taste buds smile again until I tried the light and airy OG pie at “How ya doughn” in Boca Raton. Garrett and his wife (the owners) brought the taste of great pizza to Florida from NY when they moved down to the area and opened up this quant pizza joint. The OG pie which was Neapolitan like was delicious. The crust and under carriage were slightly charred with no flop and so flavor-able. The sauce was tangy and the cheese was high quality havarti mozzarella which added even more flavor to the pie. When the pie came out of the special pizza oven that Garrett built he then added some olive oil, freshly cut palm cheese and put the finishing touches on with some cut basil. The overall result was a party in my mouth that I didn’t want to end. There were other pies to choose from which looked impressive also. One of the best pies I’ve eaten in south Florida if not the best.

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