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Best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. Sauce was amazing, fresh cheese and crust was soft yet crunchy.

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Pizza Review
Ignazio's is excellence pizza. The plain slice is a thin crust slice with a generous amount of herbs and sauce and a good amount of cheese. For $4, it's of course a little more pricy than the $1-$3 slices you might find elsewhere, but this is a textbook case of "you get what you pay for." The only slight con with the plain slice is that the crust was a little dry and had me wanting to reach for water to compensate, but it was nothing bad; the crust was fine, just not amazing. As for the Sicilian slice, it was also excellent, and I actually think it just edged out the plain in terms of overall favor and amount for your money ($4.50), while still being of very high-caliber pizza. Being a Sicilian slice, it was very generous on the sauce of course, but not in an overbearing or gimmicky way and instead it offers a song and dance on your taste taste buds. Further, the crust did not have as much of that dry problem as the plain did- I suspect because of more airiness of the dough and seeping in of the oil. The Sicilian for me is an 8.8, but the Onebite review is for the plain as that's the baseline for a pizzeria. Keep in mind though that on the menu, Ignazio's does advertise that the Sicilian is their specialty, and I highly recommend getting one along with a slice of your choosing if you go there. Overall, great pizza to take out or dine in for and if you're in the area and hungry, it's a must try at least once to really get a sense of what Brooklyn and an acclaimed authentic Italian pizzeria can offer.