Pizza Review
The owner Chris and I have built a bond over the two years between me ordering pizzas from his restaurant and me serving him at the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru across the street. I also worked one shift on their grand opening but after that I was laid off. Regardless of that, their pies can compete with New Haven pies. Pies are always at the crisp of what you see, so you never have to tell them crispy, even though I generally do because of natural habit. Pies are generally thin but as an Italian I have to make sure. The sauce is homemade and made with some delicious flavors. You also don’t need to tell them “extra sauce” which is a bonus. The fresh mozzarella is delicious too, but the hidden gem in this pie is the basil. There was a slight flop in the slices but nothing to cause everything to fall off. This score does not include the temperature of this specific pie since it had to be driven home, however I used my previous experiences of dining in to make a valid judgement for my final score of 8.3