Pizza Review
OK, quarantine review time. Still here in Keyport New Jersey this time at Italian touch pizza. A newer spot a little off the beaten path I think this place was about 75 different places over the past few years. But hey everyone deserves a fair shake so shake away is Sonora. I have to say another pedestrian type slice. Nothing really jumps out at me to say or or are either way. Definitely a step above the last place even if it’s a baby step. The sauce had a little bit of flavor could’ve used more of about every ingredient but nonetheless nothing overpowered you either way. Pretty decent cheese considering that the slice was only two dollars a slice as compared to the other place in town that charges almost 3. As for the crust another decent underbelly not too oily with a nice crisp but I asked to be the trend here in Keyport still a little on the Doughy And flavorless side. I would say it’s an OK for a generic stop by but I wouldn’t be salivating at the opportunity of going weekly. 6.4 that’s the review