Pizza Review
Alright Frankie we’re here at Italianos south in Venice Florida. First off I got this delivered they quoted me 45 to an hour got here in 30 minutes. Still piping hot steam coming out of the box. Got an extra large cheese. Decent looking pie. Major flop on this slice. Not a lot of grease. One bite everybody knows the rules. Decent crunch on the bottom. First impression: overly chewy dough. Was not proofed correctly. Decent amount of cheese. Sauce proportions are good. Sauce has absolutely no flavor. No tang. No acidity. Slightly sweet. It’s like they cooked some canned tomatoes to mush and didn’t bother to season them. Couldn’t taste any basil. Very bland pizza. Very bland. Crust bite was worse, crispy on the outside, chewy and yeasty on the inside. I can’t get the taste of improperly proofed yeast out of my mouth. I don’t know what the proper term is but it’s that slightly rancid sour taste you get in the back of your throat. Meh. I honestly think I would order dominos over this pie which is why I give it a 2.3. Not good pizza Frankie. Not good. 2.3, that’s a review.