Pizza Review
This fuckin’ pizza app got me eatin’ shit pizza at places just to do a review! ™️ Once upon a time I use to think this was in the upper echelon of pizza around here. That’d be a negative, ghost rider. Crust: The crust actually has a pretty good crisp to it and is maintained throughout. Almost zero flop but this is a small pizza so the slice isn’t that large to begin with. Nothing special flavor wise but definitely a solid dough recipe. Sauce: pretty standard, nothing special about it. Not bad but I’ve had better. Cheese: Again, it’s basic but keeps everything together really well. Toppings: I always get the ground sausage here but I think it’s just something I did as a kid in my early days. Nothing drastically overwhelming about it but it is good. All in all it’s a decent pie. This place is known for its party size pizzas and those are generally pretty oily and greasy.