Pizza Review
Recently crowned as the best pizza in Buffalo and averaging an 8.7 until now. Busy Saturday, almost 2 hours before I could pick up my order. To start, Jay’s should invest into a warming rack. My pizza, among others, were sitting on normal shelves which cooled off quickly even though I was 10 minutes late. Ordering online and I recognize I haveIt’s to choose “cut pizza” as an option and I didn’t. Who doesn’t want their pizza cut? The dough is fresh and wood fired but not as crispy as I hoped and that could be due to it sitting for a while. The sauce is plentiful, zesty and well seasoned. The fresh mozzarella is always a bonus but on this pie it took a backseat to the sauce. Overall this is a great pizza but having unnecessary options online and no warming racks may deter me from ordering here again. Forno Napoli still has the better pizza but Jay’s is on par with Rocco’s.