We sent a DePaul Barstool official to get the real scoop on JB Alberto’s pizza, the 2nd seed in our national draft. We didn’t get deep dish, we wanted a pure taste test of this pizzaria’s classic pie. Our final score: 6.4
Pizza Review
This is the second time I'll be claiming a "best" of my pizza reviews, but JB Alberto's has the best stuffed pizza in Chicago. For those of you who do not know what "stuffed" is, no it is NOT like Pizza Hut's stuffed crust. It is like deep dish with a twist. This is one thin layer of crust, followed by a ton of cheese and toppings, another thin layer of crust, then topped with sauce. I digress. There are many things that make JB's different, yet amazing. For starters, it is open later (2 AM) on the weekends. Second, their quality of by-the-slice is just as good as anything made to order. The diversity of pizza styles and toppings is a great selection. Now for my most recent experience. I've had JB's on several occassions, and every time it is as if I've taste pizza for the first time. The stuffed pizza is executed so perfectly, my friends and I compare it to the craftsmanship of a sushi chef. The flavors and smoothness of the bite is almost melt-in-your-mouth delicious (if that is even possible with pizza). The most shocking thing about JB's stuffed pizza is how clean it is. Most deep dish/stuffed pizza you have sauce everywhere. Not here. It's like the sauce is baked on to the top. Impossible to describe, but it makes for an amazing dining experience. I know people who "hate" this type of pizza (I know, don't get me started) but love this. I think it's because of its balance of not too much of anything; the sauce, the crust, the toppings, the cheese, and even the seasonings. You have to check out JB Alberto's for the real deal of stuffed pizza!