Pizza Review
Hand made crust, top is doughy, bottom is semi crisp, much like bread. Sauce is rather ordinary. And dare I ask? Is that, American cheese? 😩 I really wanted to like this place. Friendly and inviting staff. very cool, downtown eatery vibe. Live bands and drinks pre-covid. Side note, if I was drunk at 1:30am and the bar served this pizza, it would suffice. Went with plain cheese as the control pie and got the staff pick for my second pizza. It was a Birria pizza. Quite an odd mixture but I’ve noticed that Californians tend to clash cuisines often. Tried the pies fresh from the oven and after cool down. Zero flop, American cheese, too many toppings on second pizza made it soggy and not well cooked in the middle. Friendly staff, mediocre pizza.