Pizza Review
You might see the 9.0 and think, that’s a rookie score; but sometimes a pizza just embodies a perfectly round number in a specific tier of ratings. This pie is a 9.0 on the nose. The prevailing characteristic of this pizza is the thinness. Light, airy, kind of like a larger bar pie but tastes more like a slimmed down regular slice. The dough is outstanding...solid crisp and crunch with a top-5 ever super thin & crispy crust. There’s plenty of delicious, tangy sauce to go around, despite how thin the pie is; usually there’s hardly any sauce on pizza this thin. Not a lot of cheese but it’s really the perfect amount to compliment the sauce & dough. It all works together magnificently, making this a pizza pie worth traveling for. Despite only trying a handful of places on Staten Island, I’m confident in saying this is the best pizza in this borough. Not quite as good as the best Brooklyn & Manhattan have to offer, but it’s truly a little slice of Heaven.