Pizza Review
Vibe: when you walk in this place you could get easily confused, and think you’re in a model home because the smell of new house is so strong. Not an issue but it detracts from the vibe l. Other than that, this place feels anything but Italian. With the country music blaring from the speakers and the thicc Texas accent coming from my waitress I was convinced I was at a brisket joint. Vibe is not Italian at all so this is the poorest area. Crust: starting off with the worst of the three the crust. Not only is there not a very good crust to sauce ratio (the photo was one of the better ones) but it tastes completely like a frozen pizza. Not a bad taste but extremely bland and generic. Not a good look for the crust. Cheese: not the best cheese I’ve ever nor will it be very memorable, but it was good. What set it back was how much and how runny it was, the first slice I took it immediately all fell apart. Which is not cool. But when you let the cheese settle it’s not as bad, but that takes quite a bit of time. Sauce: this is this places selling point for sure. The sauce was very very good. It had a unique flavor to it and almost tasted homemade. It reminds me of a Italian place I went to in the Czech Republic and although not as good, it was definitely banging. Loved the sauce. Good stuff. Overall: I’d eat here again for sure. Not bad by any means despite the comments above. Pros: -sauce Cons: -vibe -crust