Pizza Review
THIS is New Jersey’s best pizza by a landslide. When you talk about taste, consistency in presentation/flavor this is practically perfect; almost as if a machine pops these out every 15 minutes. Joes Drive-In Pizza has been doing this for 75 years now and it’s almost become routine to make whip up New Jersey’s best pizza, yet David Portnoy has yet to try this place. No flop! Before coming to Joes, I tried Ralph’s Pizzeria in Nutley (David rated Ralph’s an 8.9) I gave Ralph’s an 8.6, it was good pie; but it wasn’t Joes. Overall consistency and a balance in cheese, sauce, and crust is a make or break for any pizza and that’s where Joes shined against the competition. I’m giving Joes Drive-In a solid well deserved 9.6, the owner by the way is always there working, every single day opening to close. You’d never guess New Jersey’s best Pizzeria is located in Vauxhall, New Jersey; but it is.