Pizza Review
Only been around since 2015, this is a custom pizza gimmick joint in the same vein as Tony Baloney’s. You can order a sushi pie, cheesesteak pizza, just about any concoction you can think of, but their main attraction is the Triple Threat: part pizza, part calzone and a section of garlic knots all melded together in an overwhelming mess of colliding worlds. Before you can get crazy with the creations, you have to get a regular plain cheese pie right first; and in my opinion, they don’t. The standard pizza looks and tastes a lot like a Greek pie, thick cheese, weak sauce, subpar dough. The sauce really makes or breaks a pizza and it broke this one. Watery crushed tomatoes, lacking in substance & flavor, too salty to distinguish the taste between the sauce and grease. Cheese is too thick, salty & oily, similar to chain pizza cheese. The dough is floppy but not soggy underneath, not particularly tasty. The only saving grace of the entire pie is the deliciously crispy crust, which is thin and buttery. Other than that, there’s not much to like about this pizza. This is a straight up gimmick/specialty pizza place (with a weird chicken side hustle that they don’t really promote) just too whacky for me, not my style whatsoever.

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