Pizza Review
Update: pizza was cold took almost 2 hours to get delivered. Almost tasted stale Been ordering for over 5 years now but this last time will be it for me. Ordered one large cheese pizza and a salad for delivery was told 45 minutes and we ended up waiting over a hour and 30. I called to ask what happened and expect some service of better explanation and was just given the excuse that it gets busy I understand people are short staffed but we had planned to have dinner before a doctors appointment and had to leave before we even got our pizza. Was a waste of money and pizza still hasn’t arrived as I type this so I can only assume it will be cold. I said to the guy this will be the last time I order as this keeps happening far to often and he said “ ok fine bye” I mean this has gone so far downhill from when I first started going. Not how you run a business at all. I’m tired of rude customer service

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